Frequently Asked Questions


The salon has an appointment only policy and appointment availability varies from week to week from operating generally from Monday through to Saturdays and offering a clients after hour appointments as well.

Feel free to view our availability by clicking on our BOOK NOW button. Keep in mind that Saturdays and later afternoon appointments are very popular and often book out many  weeks ahead.

Absolutely! And to make it easy we offer two ways of doing so. Firstly you can pop into our salon located in West Mackay ( easy parking) and collect one of beautifully presented card like gift vouchers OR you can purchase online here on our website by clicking the GIFT VOUCHER button and either send a print out voucher ( monetary value only) straight to the recipient OR send to yourself to print out at home.

You Little Beauty Co. is the proud, exclusive stockist of SKIN JUICE. This Australian born and bred natural, botanical product range delights the skin, senses and your hip pocket! ( the prices are so reasonable)

This results proven skincare ranges promotes healthy skin choices by using the freshest, most nutrient- rich natural ingredients and believe in the wonders of botanical science. The multidimensional experience of creating a skincare ritual that doesn’t just work , but smells good, feels good and makes you and the earth smile.

At this point in time and for the last five years since opening the doors to my own salon I have enjoyed offering clients a one on one experience. So at this point in time there is just me Lauren - a well experienced Beauty Therapist who has passion for providing you with  a treatment of exceptional quality and your environment is serene, private and secluded.

Just like our fingerprints each and every skin is different, each client has their own concerns and every skin needs to be treated differently. So recently I have streamlined my facials and  narrowed them  down to just four gorgeous Bespoke facials that can be customised to each and every individual. ( see our treatment menu for more information) Every facial includes a short but thorough skin consultation however unless requested ( skin consultations can be booked separately) we keep this short and simple and give you enough information that you require and a prescription at the end of Skin Juice products ( if you wish of course) so I can get down to business and start performing one of my famous facials to take you to another level.

I hate that too! After working in many high end, sales driven salons across QLD within my 25 years I have learnt that the rapport with your client is of the upmost importance rather than simply selling you products.. more often than not though after using the products within the treatment and by sharing a bite size bit of skin care knowledge, most clients want products after feeling them on their skin. But in saying this, the time you spends in the salon is all about you and taking every spare second to enjoy your treatment... if you want to know how to improve you skin please ask.. as I promise not to push.

No sorry I don’t. I care about the health and integrity of your nail plate and therefore offer the safe UV free alternative of Gloss and Co polishes. These Australian ( QLD in fact) polishes that is not only vegan and non toxic but boasts a generous array of shades and a gorgeous long wearing shine. You won’t be disappointed.

Skin Juice

To us, skincare is an experience. It’s an unmissable moment of you-time in every day. It’s multi-sensory. Multi-dimensional. It’s about the texture. The scent. It’s about how it makes you feel. And, it’s about accomplishing all of this, with Australian-made, natural and fresh formulations that work.

Every Skin Juice formulation is made right here in sunny Australia. We’re 100% Australian-owned and use only natural ingredients. From ideation to sending out orders, we are involved in every single step of our products’ journey.

Not every Skin Juice product is vegan. Some of our formulations contain beeswax, honey, or proteins derived from milk. To see which botanical formulations are vegan, look for 'Vegan' under the Suitable For section on each product page.

For naturally healthy skin, we recommend creating a routine that includes a Skin Juice Cleanser, Skin Drink, Night Nutrition and Day Quencher - we call this the Daily Diet. Unfortunately, it’s difficult for us to establish true compatibility between the Skin Juice brand and others.

However, we recommend avoiding any skincare products that contain detergents, emulsifiers, chemical SPFs and any other unnatural ingredients.

It depends on the product and how frequently it is used. On average, you’ll get around 3-6 months of use out of a full-sized Skin Juice product.

Skin Juice is 100% free from synthetic chemicals. And we’re about to get really straight-shooting with you, and that is: the claim that any skincare is ‘chemical-free’ is a myth. Yep! We said it. Because here’s the thing. Everything that is made of matter, including water (H2O), is a chemical.

Therefore it simply wouldn’t be appropriate for us (or any skincare brand) to technically say “chemical-free”. However, what we can say, is that all Skin Juice formulations are free from synthetic chemicals. Today, it’s estimated that there are more than 30,000 synthetic chemicals in commercial use. None of which you’ll ever find in our Skin Juice products.

Not to be confused with synthetic perfume or fragrance, Parfum is the legal registered INCI name for Naticide. What’s that? It's the label for an essential oil blend that the formulator wishes to protect. It’s code for ‘we know it smells delicious but we want to keep it secret’. Often, Naticide is made up of all natural vegetable-based preservatives, Vanilla and Almond extracts, amongst other botanicals.

Our ingredients come from all around the world, including Australia. This is so we can be sure that we’re getting the best produce possible. Every single ingredient that comes through the Juice Lab is bought through Australian companies and meets all Australian regulations.

We use a refreshing blend of natural and certified organic ingredients. Our ingredient selection criteria? Is comprehensive. We only choose ingredients that are healthy, natural and skin delicious.