Size: 15ml

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GREEN JUICE is a nutrient-rich, conditioning balm that melts into the skin to help soothe, restore and protect. Imagine massaging the goodness of a super healthy green juice onto your face or body... this multi-tasker is perfect for any skin in need of some extra TLC and healing.

Any time your skin is in need of soothing and hydration. Green Juice can also be used as your night product as the final step before bed. Warm a small amount in fingers and massage onto any area requiring protection and hydration.

Sunflower Seed Oil,Organic Coconut Oil,Beeswax,Organic Shea Butter,Tocopherol,Alfalfa Grass Extract,Blueberry Seed Oil,Mango Seed Butter,Pomegranate Seed Oil,Raspberry Seed Oil,Organic Rosehip Fruit Oil ,Cranberry Seed Oil,Cucumber Seed Oil